State-of-the-art IT solutions at our company: with qualified professionals!

We can provide highly qualified colleagues or complete teams for our clients to implement the desired projects, according to the following competences. Our colleagues have experience regarding large companies and have already mastered the special technologies and methods that enable them to see and deal with problems on a global scale. We develop our systems according to the requirements of the Agile Methodology in close cooperation with our customers at all stages of production.

Data engineering

Our expert colleagues are highly skilled at organising, cleansing, transforming and transferring data, and linking systems. Efficiency is a key factor here, because we are dealing with the management of a significant amount of data. We mainly use the Python and SQL programming languages, as well as AWS-based cloud technologies.

Data science

In addition to Data engineering expertise, Data Scientists are their most sought-after professionals. They are the ones who are highly skilled in the use of software solutions for data collection and organisation (BI), be it Qlik, Tableau or Power BI. Intelligence embedded in data is the greatest asset of successful businesses. We create information from data and value from information.

Big Data

Recognising the benefits of data-driven operations, we can make better informed business decisions, regardless of industry or field of use, by applying available Big Data and Business Intelligence technologies. All this, built along a suitable strategy, creates the possibility of immediate action based on real-time information, with which we can gain a serious competitive advantage.

Machine learning

Machine Learning (ML), a branch of artificial intelligence, deals with systems that can learn, i.e. generate knowledge from experience. Our experts’ primary added value for companies is that they work efficiently and accurately with large amounts of data. Their work is based on the ability to make generalisations based on “outside” patterns, which, once the learning phase is over, allow them to make the “right” decisions on unknown data.

JAVA development

Java is a popular and widely used programming language, which has the enormous advantage over other programming languages that it can be written once using byte code and can be run and used on any machine, regardless of the type of operating system. Java is used in many places. The three most popular areas are Web applications, Android applications, and financial services. In addition to ease of use with various encryption components, Java programs are extremely secure.

Laravel//PHP development

The best PHP framework on earth is Laravel. The knowledge of our developers speeds up everything that is difficult and lengthy in Back-end programming. Laravel is a great solution for application development, being a complex PHP framework with a serious ecosystem. Its main professional advantages are that it is very easy to use, expandable, and developable, and you can work with it quickly.

Project management

One of the most important parts of our projects is the PM. Our colleagues have a deep knowledge of IT and work in a SCRUM framework, constantly monitoring sprint deadlines, checking sprint backlogs, scheduling tasks, providing information to participants, summarizing and keeping the project under control to ensure that the deadline is met in all cases.


At Nextent we can provide both manual and automation specialists depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our colleague in charge of test automation writes the test processes in code language that can be standardized. The test automation specialist simulates the tasks performed during the test on hundreds or thousands of devices, evaluates the results, generates a report, draws attention to errors and makes suggestions for improvements.