Increase the value of your software!’s AI-powered DevOps platform unifies, secures, predicts and provides insights at every point of the software lifecycle.

Optimized for large and medium enterprises, the platform combines agile planning with end-to-end intelligence, and supporting companies to stand out in today’s digital market.’s DevOps solutions that drive growth

Relase Orchestration’s Release Orchestration solution provides new software releases or system updates to end users with maximum quality, security and efficiency. RO ensures the consistency and stability of updates, while reduces risks and lead times.
The right process coordination (orchestration) plays an important role in ensuring safe and stable software or system updates, and helps to reduce delays and risks.

Deployment Automation

The solution enables fast and automated software or system update deployments, while reduces lead times and manual errors, and increases efficiency.
Deployment automation allows developers to easily and quickly deploy updates in test or production environments. The process allows updates to be checked faster and easier, or more easily withdrawn if needed.


The Application Security tool protects applications from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access, thus ensuring the safe operation and reliability. Application Security uses multiple technologies to protect softwares and systems. For example, encrypted data ensures that only those who need it can see it. Using passwords and authentication procedures can also prevent unauthorized access.


The cloud-based solution provides dynamic insight into the entire SDLC tool chain from individual team views to portfolio-level executive summary KPIs. The completely transparent SDLC thus supports to make the most critical decisions.

AI-powered Analytics help adapt softwares with business strategy, streamline value processes, and increase application reliability.’s product provides hundreds of analytics data that comes from its own solutions and similar tools from other vendors. Its flexibility and scalability allow both technical and non-technical users, managers and employees to use it, providing them with consistency in decision-making.

AGILITY – ENTERPRISE AGILE PLANNING’s Agility solution is the industry leader in the field of enterprise agile planning, because it increases efficiency by scaling agile practices at every level.
The tool chain can be easily optimized by building upon existing team-level solutions, and it becomes faster to adapt to the latest customer trends, while maximizing collaboration between portfolio, program, development and operations.

Additional benefits include seamless tracking of feature evolution from design to production, as well as deeper and more realistic insights into sprints, project backlogs, resource management, and more.


With scalable web and mobile tests, you can ensure a flawless user experience! The solution helps teams increase test coverage and make data-driven decisions, so they can deliver high-quality, error-free web and mobile apps on time and at scale.
The solution helps shorten the duration of each software release, as it continuously tests the functional, performance and accessibility scenarios on the matrix of devices and browsers, as well as on various operating systems.

Agile scaling, quality and DevOps


Too many release processes and numerous delivery practices prevent software scaling. Separate your development teams, optimize your resources, and reduce costs.

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Nextent Services is a committed supplier of innovative data-based solutions, and work tirelessly for a more efficient digital transformation of companies. Together with customers and partners, we mutually support technology development that moves many businesses forward.

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