Best IT solutions

Best IT solutions

High quality, high efficiency for 20 years!

Nextent has been serving customers for 20 years by developing custom applications. We tailor solutions to specific needs with the support of our highly qualified experts.

Our core approach to all our projects is business efficiency or, in the case of an existing project, improving business efficiency. Our modern business approach allows us to respond in real time to changing business requirements and market conditions in an environment subject to constant digital transformation.

Throughout the entire development lifecycle, we provide the necessary project management, analytical, development and testing resources, resulting in the delivery of a high quality, tested, well-documented system.

In all cases, we deliver cutting-edge business applications built on the latest technologies, precisely tailored to business needs and organisational parameters.

Our main professional values


It is extremely important to protect our data and information.

Extended collaboration

Extended collaboration allows us to work more effectively with multiple teams and organisations.

State-of-the-art data management

State-of-the-art data management methods help us manage and interpret our data more effectively.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to changing needs and challenges.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology helps us to better adapt to a changing environment.

Performance measurement and evaluation

Performance measurement and evaluation help us understand where we stand and how we can improve our performance in the future. In doing so, we guarantee greater business value for our customers.

Sectors in which we are at home


We were among the first in our country to offer a T&M (Time and material) based service, which is why we are able to provide highly competent experts and even entire teams to our customers within a short period of time.

High-quality work is also guaranteed by our ISO 9001 certification, in addition to a detailed staff selection procedure. We work with a well-planned infrastructure, so our staff allocated to a project can work at the client’s site, but also from a home office or in a hybrid environment. Due to our flexibility, everything depends on the customer’s needs.

At Nextent, we are constantly working to improve our processes by implementing the latest and cutting-edge technologies, training the competencies of our colleagues in order to guarantee that our work delivers the highest possible business value to our clients.